Columns & Retaining Walls

Antique Stone columns and retaining blocks can turn your outdoor room into a beautiful casual or formal area depending on how you decorate the area. The columns are segmented and hollow, allowing for wiring for gates and lights to be included during installation.

The retaining blocks can be used for water features or retaining walls in Sydney. When used as a retaining wall the are at a height that can provide extra seating when entertaining a larger group of guests. We also provide different varieties of Tiles for Cladding. Contact us today for more details.

Why use Antique Stone Columns?

Antique Stone columns are segmented and can therefore be readily made to suit your requirements. The internal sections are 400mm high and all sections bar the capping piece are hollow. This allows for wiring for lights, electric gates and electronic intercoms for your house.

Once installed the columns are filled with concrete to give stability and strength.
The minimum height of the columns is 1220mm, unless the internal sections are trimmed by the installers.