Pool Coping Sydney

Pool Coping or pool bullnose are made-to-suit your swimming pool in “Continuous Segmented Lengths”. Pieces up to 1100mm x 500mm in size or a shaped area of 0.5㎡.

The unique manufacturing process allows a choice of edge profiles, available are Bullnose, Scotia, Raked or Straight and can be moulded to one, two or three sides of the piece.

Antique Stone Pool Coping provide the Ultimate Flexibility in Design and are manufactured with the installer in mind to simplify installation. There is no need to have unsightly mitre cuts on your corners as we make to suit. If you are renovating a kidney shaped pool or a freeform pool we will make our coping to suit your pool. This minimises cutting which reduces costs on installation. We also specialise in double sided coping. If your pool is raised and you need bullnose on the inside and outside of the coping we can supply it to suit. We also provide high quality paving services in Sydney.